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Services April 2022




April 2022


Sunday 3rd April.

9.00am BCP Holy Communion

10.00am CW Holy Communion


Sunday  10th April. Palm Sunday

9.00am BCP Holy Communion

10.00am. CW Palm Sunday Celebration

Holy Week

Monday 11th April. 7.00pm. Night Prayer (Compline)

Tuesday 12th April. 7.00pm. Night Prayer (Compline)

Wednesday 13th April. 7.00pm. Night Prayer (Compline)

Maundy Thursday 14th April. 7.00pm. The Last Supper

Good Friday Friday 15th April. 2.00pm. An Hour at the Cross.

Sunday 17th April Easter Day

9.00am. BCP Holy Communion.

10.00am Easter Day Holy Communion

Sunday 24th April

9.00am. BCP Holy Communion.

10.00am. CW Morning Prayer