Heritage Project

The Vicar, Wardens and Church council (PCC) are excited about starting a project that will focus on the significant impact the Liverpool Shipping Industry and Sea Front had on our local community of Wallasey Village. That includes the important role St Nicholas Church has played in the lives of past, present, and (hopefully) future residents of Wallasey. With a working title of 'Creating a Sense of Place' we will be celebrating the wonderful heritage of our Village and the very significant impact St Nicholas Church has within our community. Those who have worshipped in St Nicholas, those who do worship in St Nicholas, and those who will worship in St Nicholas are those who are part of the community, there can be, and should be, no seperation. We are hoping our community will be every bit as excited  as we are once the project gets going. 

One project you can get involved with is our Remembrance Project. Details can be found on our LATEST NEWS page. Donations can be made through our payments page or by contacting Elizabeth Brandwood.