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Contactless comes to St Nicholas

Contactless comes to St Nicholas
Published by Jeff Staples on Tue, 3 Aug 2021 00:00

Contactless Donations Come to St. Nicholas Church

We are all aware that Church donations have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Also, we have been encouraged to use contactless forms of payment in our day-to-day lives. So it’s really important that our church is able to offer the same opportunity to give financially and easily support St. Nicholas Church.

St Nicholas Church now has the facility to accept ‘Contactless Payment Card Donations’ from members of the congregation using their bank payment cards.  As well as providing a facility for regular attending members of the congregation wishing to donate in this way, it also allows one-off visitors at occasions such as special festivals, baptisms, weddings or other events to make donations as well. The new ‘Giving Station’ is simple to use and donors can choose from a selection of amounts or enter a specific amount on a screen and then simply tap the card on the payment device at the top of the box. This system will provide an additional option; alongside those who wish to donate using cash or bank transfer. For those wanting to give using the ‘Giving Station’, it will be located at the back of Church; we can accept donations before or after the Church Services.