Worship and St Nicholas Church Wallasey

Worship and St Nicholas Church Wallasey
Published by Jeff Staples on Tue, 17 Mar 2020 15:16

Sadly I need to inform you that acts of worship in St Nicholas Church have been suspended until further notice. 

To save me mistyping the infomation you need in order to understand why we have taken this decision please click on the link below for information


It is a very difficult time for everybody and the Church is no different. However, in the face of trial we need to be strong, sensible yes, but strong. Here at St Nicholas we are creating a team to coordinate pastoral and practical care for those who feel vulnerable, anxious, and forgotten. If you are feeling any of those emotions then you are not alone and must not feel that you have no where to go for help. We will do all we can to help. Contact us.


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